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Alpha Om Reiki practice is a therapeutic meditation supported by the benefits of modern information (Internet), electronic technologies & bioresonance devices. Due to the unique possibility to connect with other people from any part of the world that comes with the Internet, it is possible to strengthen synchronicity through correlation of visual and auditory stimuli in practitioners during the videoconference, using e.g. VoIP technology, which significantly enhances the effects of meditation. Advanced biofeedback training systems offer the possibility of threedimensional visualization of neural connections activated by stimulations during biofeedback training. To stimulate brain activity, common methods such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), bioresonance, electrotherapy, etc are used. Additional elements of Alpha Om Reiki therapy are the use of generators of waves at frequencies beneficial to humans (e.g. Schumann resonance) and variety of techniques in the field of physical therapy. This meditation based on practitioners’ synchronicity and visualization of activity of neural connections in conjunction with biofeedback training, bioresonance therapy and electrostimulation. It allows for the control and construction of consciousness which is supported by analysis of the brain waves that result from the practice of Alpha Om Reiki.



Om Reiki and New Year 2013

Om_Reiki_winter_meeting_with_Om_Reiki_Masters_1 Om_Reiki_winter_meeting_with_Om_Reiki_Masters_2Om_Reiki_winter_meeting_with_Om_Reiki_Masters_3 Om Reiki winter meeting with Om Reiki Masters

We were welcoming the New Year 2013  in the wonderful Zuberec with a group of Om Reiki Masters. With amazing sunny weather and excellent skiing conditions we were enjoying the time both visiting gems of Zuberec such as the Skansen and Rocaski Vodopad, taking relaxing baths in thermal spas and skiing at many of the ski resorts offered by the area.

We have also visited our favorite restaurant Koliba Holica, an enchanting place maintained in traditional high mountain style with wooden walls and tables, staff in traditional dresses and delicious local cuisine.


Eating at Koliba Holica

To take this opportunity I would like you wish everyone an amazing year of 2013 full of joy and laughter shared with those who are close to your hearts.

 Om Reiki Master Teacher

Om Reiki First Meditation Trip

Om Reiki Orava Castle

Om Reiki Meditation at the Orava Castle


In August 2012, I was on a wonderful trip to Zuberec in Slovakia, organized by OmReiki Rejse. I had an amazing time over there and I would like to share here my experience with you.

I would like to say that the trip was very well organized and filled with attractions for each day. We visited reservoir in Liptovský Mikulaš, Museum of the Orava Village, Rohacsky Vodospad, the highest waterfall in Western Tatras and beautiful castle Oravski Hrad. All these sites were carefully selected due to particularly strong influence of positive energies which make them perfect places to practice Reiki. In the evening, we usually had group Reiki sessions in our hotel.

I was pleasantly surprised how cosy our hotel was. The rooms were beautifully furnished and they had both TV set and free Wi-Fi connection. I especially enjoyed delicious traditional Slovakian cuisine.

The hotel was surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests and meadows ideally suited for both afternoon hiking and meditation. At the end of the trip, I felt deeply relaxed and satisfied.

I enjoyed my stay in Zuberec very much and I will long remember this blissful experience.